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Why The USA?

The United States is regarded as the premier educational destination due to its world-renowneduniversities, high-quality education system, and diverse cultural offerings. Most institutions have an average class size of 15-20 students, which allows each student to receive personalized attention and helps them obtain more practical knowledge.


As a technology leader and a center of excellence for cutting-edge and creative technologies, it offers students several opportunities to work with the greatest technology businesses in the world. For students who are passionate about research, the United States is the greatest destination to study since it offers research-oriented education and a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate programs. Students in the United States have the freedom to take classes from other majors/departments based
on their interests. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, andMathematics)  programs offer three years of optional practical training (OPT), which means a 12-month stay plus a 24-month extension following a master’s degree.

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    Top 10 Reasons to Study in USA

    USA has a high Reputation
    Quality of Teaching and Research
    Best Universities for Technology and Research
    Contribute with Research
    Course Flexibility
    High Paying Jobs
    Engaging Campus – Learn Beyond Classrooms
    Great Career after Graduation
    Opportunity to get Assistantships & Scholarships
    STEM OPT: Optional Practical Training – 12 +24 Months Extension (36 Months)

    How it’s like in the USA

    The United States is regarded to be the ideal country to live, learn, and grow since its people are autonomous, enthusiastic, and practical in their work. The United States has the most internationalstudents in the world.


    According to reports, 35% of the country’s students come from all over the world to study in the United States, creating a multicultural environment. Many student organizations, technical clubs, events, and other extracurricular activities are available at universities to help students enhance their interpersonal skills and broaden their horizons. University campuses are safe and encourage students to live independently, which allows them to face new experiences and facilitates their progress.

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