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    Dubai Lifestyle

    The UAE is a thriving society with a high per capita income and level of living for both Emiratis and residents. The country is known for its mesmerizing landscape, fantastic tourist locations,and well-developed  tourism and entertainment infrastructure, and it is placed 31st in the world in the Human Development Index, with an annual GDP per capita of $43,000.



    In the UAE, modern retail malls and unique traditional marketplaces coexist. Several majorevents, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, Eid festivals, Diwali, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, maintain excitement and revelry in the air. Hundreds of big international events and exhibitions also take place throughout the year.


    The UAE winter is recognized as the most beautiful in the world, with mild temperatures, making it an ideal location for winter tourists. The country has earned various titles, including “happiest country in the Arab region,” and is listed among the best countries in terms of shopping, safety, and security.

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