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WHy Ireland?

With its universities being among the top 3% in the world, English-speaking Ireland is one of the best places in the world to study abroad. Non-EU citizens can enroll in 1-year postgraduate studies at Irish universities with the option of a 2-year work visa after graduation. The top software, pharmaceutical, and digital media firms have their EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) headquarters in Ireland due to its geographic location on the Western edge of Europe and proximity to North America (5 hours by plane).


Among the first international corporations to establish themselves in Ireland over 30 years ago were Apple, Pfizer, and Intel. They now have thousands of new members and are major employers and exporters of goods. Ireland is currently one of the world’s top exporters of software, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology.


The majority of master’s programs offered to non-EU students are included on the Critical Skills List, allowing for two consecutive stays of two years following the completion of their one-year program. As long as they are employed in their chosen field, they will be qualified to apply for Irish citizenship after five years.

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    How’s it like living in Ireland?

    Ireland, sometimes known as the “Emerald Isle” is home to hospitable people and a rich cultural past. Ireland, a democratic nation with a developed economy, comes in at number ten on the World Happiness Index, comes in at number one on the Global Peace Index, and comes in at number two on the list of the safest places to live in the world.

    Over 160 different nationalities are represented among Ireland’s 5 million residents, creating an integrated society with a broad range of cultures. Due to the nation’s legislation promoting equal job opportunities, women now hold leadership positions in a large number of universities, government agencies, banks, and well-known corporations. It is advised that students socialize with people from different countries, particularly their fellow Irish students. When they have finished their course, having better English and using their social skills to the fullest will help them get a job.

    With its Celtic landmarks, Norman castles, varied topography, mountains, cliffs, and beaches, Ireland is a country rich in history. It is a must to experience the active nightlife in its cities and villages, the traditional and contemporary music, and the amazing variety of food. The majority of supermarkets carry Nepali food, and online vendors headquartered in Ireland also sell it. Ireland enjoys a mild climate, with average summer temperatures of 21 degrees and winter lows of 2 degrees.

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